Cryogenic Solutions and IR Instruments for Research
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Dewar and Refrigerator Accessories
Electrical Feedthru
 Electrical Feedthru Accessory A variety of vacuum electrical feedthrus and matching connectors are available to accommodate a range of pincounts.
 Filter Slide
Filter Slide Accessory  Multi-position filter slide are available. Photon-tight seals are included in special designs.
Filter Wheel
 Filter Wheel Accessory Motorized and manually controlled multi-position filter wheels are available. Photon-tight seals are included in special designs.
LHe Transfer Tube
 LHe Transfer Tube Accessory  Transfer of LHe from the storage dewar requires the use of a vacuum jacketed tube. Standard designs are available to accommodate most applications.
Mechanical Heat Switch  Mechanical Heat Switch Accessory A mechanical heat switch is sued to control cooling power. This is useful in situations were a controlled level of thermal isolation is required.
Vacuum Gland for Actuators
Vacuum Gland for Actuaries Accessory  Both rotating and linear actuators require vacuum glands to seal the penetration of the outer case. Designs minimize the thermal impact of the penetrations at the radiation shield. For low background applications, photon-tight seals are added.
Window Flange
Window Flange Accessory  Standard window flanges may be mounted on any of the 8 flat surfaces provided in a dewar case. Custom designs allow windows to be mounted on the top of bottom plates of a dewar where very large diameters can be accommodated.

Other Accessories
Baffles Added to a system in order to restrict stray infrared radiation from the optical paths within an instrument. Baffles are blackened as required. A treatment for aluminum surfaces is available which eliminates the problems associated with black paints that peel or flake with repeated use.
LHe pumping fixture When the LHe bath is to be operated below 4.2K, a special pumping fixture is furnished.
LN2 fill tube Special fill tube designed to facilitate transfer of LN2 is furnished.
Molecular sieve container Used to significantly improve vacuum quality in LN2 or mechanically cooled systems.
Pumping Manifold The pumping manifold consists of a machined aluminum front panel containing the necessary gauges and valves used to reduce the vapor pressure on cryogenic liquids in a controlled manner. The temperature of a LHe bath can be controlled within the range of 1.2K to 4.2K. The temperature of a LN2 bath can be controlled within the range of 50K to 77K.
Temperature controlled stage Used to control temperatures of 4.2K and above as well as 77K and above. May be mounted in standard LHe or LN2 dewars. Rigid mechanical standoffs, mechanically operated heat switch, thermometer and heater are used to vary and maintain desired temperature. Applications include operation of detectors at optimum temperatures and testing of devices and materials. 
Vacuum gauge and readout Used to monitor vacuum quality during dewar pump-out or during dewar operation.