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Cryogenic Solutions
Cryogenic Solutions
Our leading edge dewar technology combines the highest quality, reliability and expertise in thermally conductive materials. Our unique designs allow you flexibility to use standard dewars for more than one specific application or test.
  • Minimize cryogenic consumption and maximize thermal conductivity.
  • Vibration isolation to enable the most vibration sensitive applications
  • Time-tested ergonomic designs for ease of operation
 Open Cycle Dewar NDL-8   Open Cycle Dewars
We provide high efficiency Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) dewars for 77 to ~50 K and Liquid Helium (LHe) dewars 4.2 to 1.6 K. Standard open cycle dewar sizes range from 3 to 14 inch (7.5 to 35cm) diameter cold plates.

The dewars are designed for efficient cryogen use and long hold times. The unique design allows the user flexibility to configure the dewar for more than one specific application or test. More...
Closed Cycle Cryostat
  Closed Cycle Dewars and Refrigerators
Our closed cycle systems provide 300 to 4K cooling and use the latest technology in Gifford-McMahon and Pulse Tube coolers, along with proprietary; low-vibration coupling to ensure your instruments will reach operating temperature without being subjected to the vibrations normally associated with closed cycle coolers.

When the availability of cryogens are in question, our Closed Cycle Dewar System will meet the needs of the most demanding applications. More...

Custom System CalTech HDL-10
  Custom Systems
We’re the global leader in efficient and reliable custom research and test cryostats for all your applications - in any size or functional requirement. Our capabilities include LN2, LHe, He3 (0.28k) and closed cycle cryogen-free refrigerator systems which may be integrated with our cooled optics, cryo-mechanical components, camera systems and vibration isolation technology. More...