Cryogenic Solutions and IR Instruments for Research
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Custom Systems
Custom Systems
We can meet your requirements from room temperature to near absolute zero with increased hold times, increased work space, electrical feed-throughs and wiring, and IR window and filters.

Our custom research and test cryostat capabilities include LN2, LHe, closed-cycle and cryogen-free cooling systems. Our extensive history provides us many proven designs to draw from to build a system uniquely suited to your needs. Although we can design and fabricate custom cryogenic systems of nearly any size, our standard dewar packages can be used as a baseline to reduce costs and program schedule.

Our standard dewars range from 3 to 14 inches in diameter and can also be outfitted with rectangular extensions or other vacuum case geometries.

Our closed-cycle systems use the latest technology along with proprietary, low-vibration coupling to ensure your instruments will reach operating temperature without being subjected to the vibrations normally associated with closed-cycle coolers.

 Antarctic Multiband Infrared Camera (AMICA) for IRAIT  Mechanically cooled InSb system with LN2 cooled CCD  Custom IR camera and imaging systems  Zoom of mechanically cooled InSb system with LN2 cooled CCD

We’ve designed and built a variety of top quality custom cryo-mechanical components. We have extensive experience in building temperature controlled work areas, tip/tilt and translational stages, and manual and motor driven filter wheels and turrets (including cooled or uncooled optics). All of these can be integrated into completed systems that operate at cryogenic temperatures.

Camera/Imaging Systems
We have a long-proven history of expertise in the design and manufacturing of high performance IR camera systems, including many for background limited performance. Designs have included large format HgCdTe (MCT), InSb, and InGaAs focal plane arrays (FPAs), some of which are our proprietary FPA designs. Our IR imaging systems are designed, built, and integrated around your specific requirements, whatever your application may be.

Please ask us about our custom image sensor capabilities. We’re ready to provide complete turnkey IR camera systems from concept, through design, to complete manufactured system.

Sample Projects
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  • AMICA (Antarctic Multiband Infrared CAmera).  More...
  • Custom LN2 System for Sandia National Labs.  More...
  • Custom IR Camera System for Gunma Observatory.  More...
  • 256x256 MCT Array Camera System for Canada-France-Hawaii Telescape.  More...