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GM Refrigerator
GM Refrigerators
GM Closed Cycle Refrigeration systems are custom designed to meet the requirements of the customer. Both pure "closed cycle" and hybrid "closed cycle / open cycle" systems are available. A purely closed cycle system derives all cooling power from the mechanical refrigerator.

Radiation shields are typically cooled to 50K by the first stage and the cold work surface is cooled by the second stage to levels as low as 7K. Hybrid systems contain a LHe cooled work surface that is surrounded by two mechanically cooled radiation shields.

The outer shield is cooled to 60K by the first stage and the inner shield is cooled to 11K by the second stage. LHe hold times in excess of 50 days are possible in hybrid systems.

  • Operating temperature range 7K to 60K
  • Closed cycle operation
  • Indefinite hold time
  • Does not require LN2 or LHe
  • Vibration isolation system
  • Optional dewar carts with 360 degree rotation and support up to 1000 lbs
  • Designed to customer specifications
There are many supported modifications. Please refer to the  Modifications and Dewar Accessories for more information or contact us. One of our application engineers can assist you..

GM Closed Cycle Refrigeration Side and Bottom View
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GM Closed Cycle Refrigerator