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H3R Refrigerator
Helium 3 Refrigerator - H3R Series
The H3R refrigerator is a multistage cooling system. A 2" diameter LHe3 cooled work surface is sustained at a temperature of 300 mK. A pumped LHe4 cooled radiation shield surrounds the He3 chamber. The LHe4 work surface to which the radiation shield is attached is capable of cooling a variety of user specified optical and mechanical components. A LN2 cooled radiation shield surrounds the LHe4 chamber.

The size of the He3 work surface is fixed at 2 inches. However, the diameter of the LHe4 surface ranges from 5 to 10 inches.

The system is designed to cool sensitive infrared and millimeter-wave bolometers.

  • Operating temperature of 0.29K to 0.35K
  • Closed cycle/portable
  • Operation
  • 24 to 48 hour hold time
  • 0.30K bolometers available
  • Designed to customer specifications

There are many supported modifications. Please refer to the  Modifications and Dewar Accessories for more information or contact us. One of our application engineers can assist you..

 H3R Refrigerator Side View
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H3R Refrigerator
 H3R Refrigerator Bottom View
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H3R Refrigerator