Cryogenic Solutions and IR Instruments for Research
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Cryogenic Cooling Systems
The cryogenic cooling systems are designed to cool detectors, optics, experimental materials and complete instruments to cryogenic temperatures and to sustain them at these temperatures for extended periods. Systems range in complexity from simple 5 lb unadorned "cooling platforms" to complex >500 lb instruments complete with computer controlled actuators, optics, and detectors. The final form of each design is determined by the customer's requirements.

Infrared Detectors
We provide high-performance infrared detectors. A family of discrete detectors offer complete coverage of the infrared spectral range. These detectors include Si bolometers as well as photodetectors.

Infrared Cameras

In conjunction with Astronomical Research Cameras, we developed a new set of controllers for IR-cameras based on the CCD controllers developed by ARC. ARC/IRL controllers can be adapted and expanded to support a wide range of IR-array detectors.

Optical Components
We offer a variety of optical components for use in infrared detector systems. These products fall into six major categories:
  1.  Far infrared filters
  2.  Neutral density filters
  3.  Vacuum windows
  4.  Winston cones
  5.  Lenses
  6.  Mirrors
The far infrared filters represent a unique blend of technologies. Filters are based on either a crystal or polyethylene base laminated with combinations of AR and powdered crystal coatings. The result is a precise, high performance filter.

The neutral density filters provide highly accurate control over signal attenuation without chromatic distortion. Metallic coatings are vacuum deposited on a number of different substrate materials in order to provide the required performance. Many different materials are offered in the vacuum window line. Windows can be modified to meet specific performance requirements by wedging or by the addition of special coatings.

The line of Winston cones offers significant improvement in detector performance. There are currently over 50 standard models to choose from and the opportunity exists for custom configurations. We design and produce advanced reflective and refractive IR optical systems. This capability is particularly useful for customers of infrared array cameras.

Electronic Products
We offer electronic products that fall into three major categories:
  1.  Warm preamplifiers
  2.  Cooled JFET amplifiers
  3.  Digital motor drive
The warm preamplifier line supports a broad variety of detectors, ranging from Si bolometers to HgCdTe detectors. In every case our extensive experience in analog circuit design results in high performance, low noise solutions for your application.