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Product Image Gallery
Product Image Gallery

Dual Head Closed Cycle Cryostat   Dual Head Closed Cycle Cryostat with rectangular vacuum case, motor controlled filter wheel and LN2 precool option.
 Dual Vessel LN2 cryostat  Dual Vessel LN2 cryostat with autofill system, pressure gauge and motorized filter wheel.  
 He3 system  He3 system with temperature controller and temp sensor switch boxes.
 HDL system  HDL system with G-10 fiberglass vacuum case.  
  HDL system  HDL system with support ring, split case and bench mountable bottom cover.
  HDL system  HDL system with cart, hydraulic lifting jacks and iridite finished vacuum case.
 Standard He3 system   Standard He3 system  
 LN2 system  LN2 system with rectangular case section and inverted operation modification. 
 LN2 system  LN2 system with temperature monitor and manual filter wheel with readout.  
 LN2 system  LN2 system with heavy duty cart and rotating crank case.   Dual Vessel - Dual Fill LN2 system with inverted operation modification.
  Dual Vessel - Dual Fill LN2 system  Dual Vessel - Dual Fill LN2 system with inverted operation modification