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InSb Hot e Bolometers
Indium Antimonide Hot Electron Bolometer

  • Spectral Response: 0.2mm to 5mm
  • Operating Temperature: 4.2 K
  • High Speed
When cooled to liquid helium temperatures, absorption of radiation by free carrier electrons causes the mean temperature of the electrons (To) to rise above that of the host lattice. Electron mobility is proportional to To 3/2, hence this temperature rise can be sensed as a change in conductivity. The very low thermal mass of the free electrons, coupled with short energy relaxation times of about 10-7 seconds, leads to a very fast and sensitive sub millimeter wave detector.

This detector uses a specially shaped high purity N-type InSb crystal which may be coupled directly to a very low noise preamplifier.

Detector Area (mm):  5 x 5
Detector Mounting:  Sapphire substrate set into an integrating cavity
Operating Temperature (K):  4.2 & 1.5
Spectral Response (mm):  0.2 - 5
Frequency Response - 3db (kHz):  600
NEP (w/Hz½):  < 8 x 10-13