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Infrared Cameras
Infrared Camera Systems
ARC/Infrared Laboratories infrared camerasWe provide IR-camera controllers based on the CCD controllers developed with our partner, Astronomical Research Cameras (ARC). Our systems are low cost, low size and weight, low noise, and high reliability

Our controllers can be adapted and expanded to support a wide range of IR-array detectors. Models support 4, 16 and 32 -channel arrays.
Complete systems include:
  • Custom fan-out board with JFet outputs, where required
  • Low noise preamp with cable up to 1 meter
  • Main controller with 4 boards: 2 ADC boards, clockdriver, DSP. 
  • Direct interface to PCI-bus computers
  • Optical fiber interface to S-bus computers
  • 75 watt power supply with cable up to 3 meters
  • Windows or SPARC software to acquire images and drive controller
  • Basic firmware stored in EPROM
All clocks and debias voltages are user programmable so that full optimization of each array can be accomplished with relative ease. Custom utility boards can be added to support remote control of motor driven filter wheels, illuminators, calibration sources or other electrical devices.