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Temperature Controlled Stage System
Temperature Controlled Stage System

  • Flexible range of operating temperature
  • Digital temperature readout and control
  • Adaptable to both LN2 and LHe Systems
  • Designed to customer specifications
A variable temperature controlled stage can be installed in any of our nitrogen or helium dewars with a 5-inch or larger cold plate. LHe systems are controllable from 5K to 150K and LN2 systems are controllable from 80K to 325K.

The stage is cooled by a mechanical variable heat switch and is warmed by a resistive heater. Control is provided by a temperature sensor mounted on the stage and an external digital temperature controller. The variable heat switch allows the sample to be controlled with minimum power applied to the heater. Typical control is ±50 mK or better. Temperature is read out to 100 mK.

Applications include:
  • CCD cameras
  • Laser diode system
  • Detector testing
  • Materials testing
Flexibility in stage design allows support for other applications.