Cryogenic Solutions and IR Instruments for Research
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Evaluation & Upgrades
Make your older dewar or bolometer top of the line.
Since 1967 we’ve helped solve the advanced instrumentation challenges of hundreds of scientists and organizations working in astronomical, physics, chemistry and aerospace research communities around the world. We’ve produced over 4,000 open and closed cycle systems.

Many of these systems have been used daily for many years, and some may be sitting on a shelf, but then a new experiment or area of research needs a top-of-the-line dewar or bolometer.

Our evaluation and upgrade programs can cost-effectively upgrade your system for your new application.  

Step 1: Evaluation
The evaluation examines:
  • Cryogenic integrity of your instrument
  • Performance of your bolometer and electronics
  • And may include the cryogen vessels, fill tubes, fill ports, valves, joints, seals, windows, supports, electrical connectors, radiation shields, cold plates and covers
  • Our engineers will evaluate and recommend any refurbishments

Step 2: Upgrades
Upgrade options to improve the safety and performance of your dewar or bolometer system include:
  • Burst disk seals for valves
  • Replacement of P-filters
  • Upgraded O-ring
  • Clip fasteners to ease access if the system is often opened

Evaluation Ease
We'll work with you on an evaluation and upgrade plan that fits your needs. Sending your system to us is simple. We'll send you a shipping kit and packing instructions to make it easy for you to return.